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Amityville Vampire

Amityville Vampire (2021)

Brief Nudity

Top Scene


As it turns out, strange things are still afoot at the famed house of horrors at 112 Ocean Avenue in Amityville!  This time around though, after the most recent family ends up slaughtered in the house made famous by the DeFeo Murders so many years ago, we learn that even the cleaning crews aren't safe!  This blood drenched horror flick drops us into the splatter remains of the house's previous victims, alongside a cleaning crew who are coming in to undo the damage, but every last one of them turns into a blood sucking ghoul, killing the others, until they accidentally let the vampire-esque entity out into the woods near the house.  It doesn't take long for that vamp-vixen Lilith (Jin N Tonic) to begin sucking necks on horny men and ladies alike, all around Amityville. Her first victim is Gloria (Veronica Farren), who works in an office nearby and falls victim to her lesbian wiles and ends up strapped to the ceiling in her dungeon in just her bra and panties! Then Lilith preys upon a young couple going on a camping trip nearby, but not before she is kidnapped by some local mountain men who think they are going to have a good time with the busty pink haired hottie. They do everything in their power to hurt the immortal hottie, but she eventually shows off her true form and eats all three of them while completely naked in the woods!  Don't miss the topless breast signing scene from the mature ginger, Laura Meadows as well in this blood dripping babe bonanza, Amityville Vampire!