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8 ½ Women

8 ½ Women (1999)

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8½ Women (1999) sounds like an arty porno film--and it (pretty much) is! Yay! After a horny man's wife dies, he turns his country estate into a cunty-estate brothel. There's oodles of nudeness from Toni Collette (in a fully shaved frontal!), Annie Shizuka Inoh, Kirina Mano, Amanda Plummer (getting off bareback and bare-assed on a horse), and Polly Walker. There's also arcane and pretentious pondering. But who cares with more nudity than you can whack your stick to? Naked lovelies wash pigs, appear in kinky hospital braces, in nun's habits, in painterly tableaux. And as with any movie about whores, well, you get what you pay for. This one's more than worth the price of admission. Natacha Amal looks particularly hot in a scene where there's a quick, dark peek at Amal's Amams in the tub. Toni's nude scene takes place at the 77 minute mark. In the shot, Toni flashes some fab full-frontal when she sheds her religious threads. Surprisingly, she's completely shaved! You can see even more of her hot hooters in another scene where her massive melons are on display when she's sitting in bed massaging the old dude's leg. Not his third leg, unfortunately. Kirina impresses too while she lounges in the nude in a room full of people. While she looks naked, the only thing flesh fiends get to see are her knockers. This flick is full of enough flesh for any fiend to wank over. Just start the movie at any point and you'll likely be minutes away from some masturbation fuel!