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13 Reasons Why

13 Reasons Why (2017-2020)

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13 Reasons Why is a teen drama based on the Jay Asher novel of the same name, which was turned into a wildly successful, wildly controversial Netflix series back in 2017. A massive hit for the streaming giant, claims it would lead to an increase in teen suicides did nothing to deter fans from following the story of a suicide victim calling out the people who lead to her killing herself. On the show, a classmate named Hannah (Katherine Langford) has committed suicide, but left thirteen cassette tapes behind, each addressed to someone who in some way contributed to the decision to end her life. Infractions on the tape include a dude (Brandon Flynn) spreading rumors that Hannah had sex with him, Hannah's former bestie (Alisha Boe) who betrayed her buddy after her boyfriend caught feelings for Hannah, a guy (Steven Silver) who was a jerk to her after a bad date, a bitter boy (Zach Dempsey) who removed anonymous compliments directed towards Hannah as part of a school project, so that she'd feel the whole school hated her, all the way to a dude who raped her and the school councilor (Derek Luke) who ignored it. Lasting four seasons, after all the tapes were revealed we watched the students of Liberty High deal with the fallout from lawsuits Hannah's taped confessions lead to, students being publically shamed for Hannah's death, and all sorts of other drama that these tapes caused. While it's a heavy, depressing show, it wasn't skin free, so here are your video tape-able skin scenes: Katherine Langford dons her underwear for a sexy lesbian makeout with Michele Selene Ang in a no wang sex scene that'll have you questioning how you could kill yourself with all that action awaiting you. Forget the suicide hotline, hotties like that are what keep us alive! Our bae Alisha Boe plays a bra-clad classmate eating pizza in the hot tub, but we'll see her ass a bit later when she brings a dude into a storage closet for some very athletic sex. The busty and beautiful Irina Voronina strips on a webcam for a horny teen who can't seem to get it up, though Mr. Skin had no trouble! Sosie Bacon makes us hungry when she takes it off and shows some sideboobs and pokies, while the thin waif Grace Saif shows her tight body while riding a horny high schooler. Elizabeth Twining's naked bod is covered by a nude spooning dude, Anne Winters heats up the sceen in a pink bra, and more! Those are a bunch of good reasons to watch this show!