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Zusje (1996)

Great Nudity!

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Love makes the world go around, but physical affection that’s taboo can make worlds fall apart. Such is the case in the skinternational flick Zusje (1996). Also known as Little Sister, the R rated movie follows Dutchman Martijn (Romijn Conen) who has an unorthodox and weirdly disturbing relationship with his younger sister Daantje (Kim van Kooten). The emotionally fragile dude uses a portable video camera to follow his female sibling’s every move. Not only is Martijn obsessed with filming Daantje’s days and nights, he’s also in possession of a salacious bit of footage that finds him taking his forbidden fixation way too far. When Daantje decides to stand up for herself and rebuff her big brother’s advances, she opens herself up to some nasty surprises about the nature of their childhood bond. Robert Jan Westdijk’s provocative pic is shot in a daringly experimental first-person style that lends a unique candor to the proceedings. Part mystery, part drama and part comedy, the motion picture is totally erotic when Ms. van Kooten bares her van hooters, van pubes, and van caboose in bed. Sure, she’s getting banged by her bro. But if you can look past that fact, there’s much to admire in this pic. In fact, it received the Special Jury Prize at the Yubari International Fantastic Film Festival and the Golden Calf Award for Best Feature at the Netherlands Film Festival — not to mention a standing ovation in Mr. Skin’s pants. In other words, this boundary-pushing movie will have you pulling!