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You & Me Forever (2012)

Brief Nudity
  • Genres: Drama
  • Directed by: Kaspar Munk
  • Theatrical Release: 09/13/2012
  • Country: Denmark
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(0:04) Julie Sandra Brochorst Andersen and Emilie Claudius Kruse are in bathing suits in the pool   (0:54) Julie Sandra Brochorst Andersen is in her bra in front of a mirror   (0:59) Julie Sandra Brochorst Andersen takes off her shirt for a guy getting down to a bra.   (1:01) Left breast visible on Emilie Claudius Kruse underneath a guy who is squeezing it. Some slight left rump visible. Brief right nipple appearing at bottom of frame after sex.   (1:03) Emilie Claudius Kruse is walking around the next morning looking for her clothes. She is wearing pants and we see her bare back as she covers her front.   (1:08) Some blurry breasts in a girls locker shower. Julie Sandra Brochorst Andersen is in her bra then as she walks towards the shower where other girls are now in their bathing suits, she is holding a towel over her front but her bare buns are visible.   (1:13) While sitting on a couch Julie Sandra Brochorst Andersen strips down to nothing. We see her right breast. She begins to make out with a guy. He grabs and squeezes her right breast. Both her breasts are briefly visible under the guy as he screws her.   (1:17) Julie Sandra Brochorst Andersen is sitting down with her top pulled up just above her waist, exposing her full legs in stockings.


Julie Andersen

Nude - as LauraSexy, breasts, butt, right breast

Emilie Kruse

Nude - as ChristineSexy, left breast, right nipslip

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