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Xena: Warrior Princess

Xena: Warrior Princess (1995-2001)

Brief Nudity

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A spin-off from the popular Hercules series, Xena: Warrior Princess single-handedly brought about a resurgence in myth-centric melodrama, even if many fans were more interested in seeing Lucy Lawless’s character prance around in tight-fitting leather bodices and super short skirts. Kicking off in 1995 and lasting until 2001, the show began with a pretty basic premise: Xena's a former outlaw who seeks to use the skills she gained pillaging villages to protect the innocent people of ancient Greece. Joining her on the quest is Gabrielle (Renée O’Connor), her short haired blonde sidekick slash sidepiece who leaves her farm to learn how to be a badass like Xena. While the New Zealand filmed series started rather grounded in reality, things got a bit wacky over the years. From musical episodes, run-ins with all sorts of mythological beings and ancient Greek gods, and even Alexandra Tydings playing a bikini clad Aphrodite getting interviewed for a TV show while looking like an Austin Powers Fembot, while you knew it would end with the warrior princess kicking ass, every week was something different. When the series became a favorite of the lesbian community, the producers actively sought them out by introducing some not-so-subtle plotlines involving perhaps a more intimate relationship between Lucy and her spunky costar. That subtext became nearly explicit with the two fit females teasingly bathing nude together, which stretched not only the concept of the show but the trousers of happy viewers as well. Yes, Xena is good for the pena as well as the vagena! While Renee and Lucy used body doubles for most of their good stuff, we still got near constant shots of them looking all sorts of busty in ancient bikinis and bras. But it's not just them. Victoria Pratt has a nip slip during a wild, massage parlor cat fight that's sure to have you craving some kitty, Adrienne Wilkinson bounces around the woods in a bikini, Shiri Appleby shows her applebottom when her skirt lifts up to reveal her undies, and Tsianina Jelson goes hunting in the most impractical bra top. You're supposed to be suprised lesbians loved this? From Janice imitating Xena's warrior cry in Mean Girls (2004) to Subaru commercials showing Xena themed vanity license plates, girls who like muff couldn't get enough Xena: Warrior Princess!