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Saving Grace

Saving Grace (2007-2009)

Brief Nudity

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In the smash TNT network drama Saving Grace, Holly Hunter portrays Grace Hanadarko, a hard-boiled Oklahoma City police detective who, after a drunken car wreck, gets another shot at life from a crusty angel named Earl (Leon Rippy). Using tough love and even tougher language, Earl guides Grace back on the straight and narrow, directing her to cases and people in need of her help. Unlike previous angel-on-my-shoulder adventures like It's a Wonderful Life and Highway to Heaven, Saving Grace is coarse, bawdy, dark, and dripping with sex appeal both from its leading lady, huge casaba'd co-star Laura San Giacamo, and any number of situations that our heroine happens upon. And that's amazing, Grace. Throughout the course of this series, Holly shows off her hot body more than a few times. Mostly her ass, as in season 2 episode 6 she disrobes and tries to peep into a shower while the audience got a peek at her naked posterior. in episode 11 she shows her butt while doing some weird relaxation method with a guy. In season 3 we get another look at her booty and a little side boob when she undresses and hops in her guys' arms in the doorway. If all that's not enough to get your rocks off, definitely take a look at season 1 episode 5, where Holly gives us her great looking body in bra and a tiny flash of bush as her and her man enjoy a boozy make out session. Saving Grace will have you coming all over the place!