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Why Are You Like This

Why Are You Like This (2021)

No Nudity
  • Genres: Comedy
  • Created by: Mark Bonanno, Naomi Higgins, Humyara Mahbub
  • Rated: TV-MA
  • Network: ABC Comedy, Netflix
  • Country: Australia
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Top Scene


A small Australian series with LGBTQ characters and plotlines feels like a shoe-in for a good series, but this 2018 show was basically only known Down Under by a select few until Netflix picked it up in 2021. The series follows two young women who want to make the most of their lives while also making sure that they work hard on fighting against social injustices and exploring themselves. They soon find that life is a lot more complicated than putting people into boxes of who is right and who is wrong and that even these do-gooders make plenty of mistakes. The series explores how such a constant devotion to always doing the good and pure thing can actually be very tiring and lead to a load of hypocrisy. At its heart, however, are its adorable stars whom we have loved getting to know in this amazing series. Naomi Higgins plays Penny and Olivia Junkeer plays Mia. Naomi has a hot scene where she dons a cosplay kitten outfit and has her friend take photos of her. She wears a flirty cropped blouse that shows off her cleavage as well as a short skirt as she puts on cat ears and starts meowing for the camera. Roar indeed! Olivia has one sexy scene, too, in which we see her all wet from jumping into some water. She walks down the street in her one-shoulder bra-top that shows off her pokies as well as her cleavage and midriff. These girls are hot, but they could look hotter with less clothing. Why are they this clothed?!