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White Sands

White Sands (1992)

Brief Nudity

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The title White Sands (1992) is immediately evocative of beaches, oceans, bikinis and, oh my, we’re starting to get excited. But this is a crime-drama, not a teen-sex comedy, about a small southwestern town sheriff named Ray (Willem Dafoe) who finds a dead Native American dude's body in the desert next to a suitcase filled with half-a-million dollars. When they cut it open and find that the body's belly has a piece of paper with a phone number on it, cultural appropriation be damned, Ray pretends to the dead guy, calls the number, gets robbed of the briefcase while on the way to meet the mysterious Gorman Lennox (Mickey Rourke) and ends up running into an FBI agent named Greg Meeker (Samuel L. Jackson) who tells him not to go to that meeting. Meeker says the dead dude was an informant, and that he'll help him if Ray keeps pretending to be the dead fella to get the money back by infiltrating Gorman's criminal enterprise. But is a small town sheriff really up to that task? And if he's not, why's the FBI Agent so intent on getting him to try? This one's chock full of twists, turns and double crossing, but unfortunately, skimps on the nudity. In fact, all we get is Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio having some steamy shower sex with Willem, only to find out later that despite having already shown the goods in Scarface (1983), she used a body double for this one! As the leading agents in Female Body Inspection, now we're the ones left feeling betrayed! One bit of fake flashing? A movie called White Sands should leave us with sticky white goo in our hands!