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When Animals Dream

When Animals Dream (2014)

Brief Nudity

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Danish horror/mystery When Animals Dream (2014) takes us to a small island where 16-year-old Maria (Sonia Suhl) lives with her parents. Her mother is seriously ill and her father is stressed about taking care of her and the rest of the family. When the island starts being plagued by mysterious deaths Marie begins feeling like something has changed inside her. Is she turning into the monster that is responsible for these deaths?

The monster in your pants will transform into a squirting throbber as you check out Sonia’s perky pair and furry muff in a few different scenes. She might be a teen in the movie, but in real life she is legal and she looks great naked. We see her knockers when she hooks up with a guy then later the boobs are back as is the bush when she takes a bath then transforms into the monster. Sonja Richter gives us some sidage and a nip slip when she too ends up in the tub and is washing up.