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Voyeuristic Visions

It's a classic movie scene: someone peaks through a window and sees a gorgeous woman undressing. Does she know she is being watched? Sometimes! Whether she does or not, she flaunts her body and it is beautiful. Here are some of those voyeuristic vixens in one peeping tom playlist. Watch this playlist to check out topless swimming from Jaime Pressly in Poison Ivy 3, Monica Bellucci in Malena, Phoebe Cates washing her body in a cave in Paradise, Eva Green taking a bath in Camelot, Nicole Kidman having sex, the girls in Wild Things making out by the pool, Shannon Elizabeth's famous webcam scene in American Pie, Sharon Stone's full-frontal, Jodie Foster taking it all off in Nell as researchers watch, Jennifer Connelly's massive mams while she bangs a guy and makes eye contact with her peeper, Demi Moore showing off her curves, Susan Sarandon taking off her top in a sink in Atlantic City, Kate Winslet having topless sex in Iris, Angelina Jolie spying on Melanie Laurent having sex through a peephole, and Lucy Lawless getting caught being banged in Spartacus. Plus SO many more including scenes from Porky's, In the Realm of the Senses, The Last American Virgin, Hot Moves, The Stalker, and more. Open your eyes and peep these peepers.

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