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Paradise (1982)

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We bet you think Phoebe Cates' nude debut came via the famous red bikini scene in Fast Times at Ridgemont High (1982), which started it all here at Skin Central. But you're wrong. We first saw Phoebe's beebees in the critically loathed, such a ripoff of The Blue Lagoon (1980) that a lawsuit was filed, flick Paradise (1982). After an atrociously offensive stereotype of an Arab escort named The Jackal (Tuvia Tavi) pitches a mad tent-pole of lust over young Phoebe Cates, he kills everyone in her caravan. Only Phoebe and her boy-toy David (Eight Is Enough dork Willie Aames) escape into a surprisingly lush and fruitful desert populated pretty much exclusively by a masturbating monkey. But Phoebe doesn't need to play with herself. She has a guy with the tools to satisfy and impregnate her before they are finally rescued from their erotic oasis. The problem is, The Jackal isn't going to be satisfied jacking it to his memory of Phoebe. He's planning on finding her, and isn't going to stop until he does. While the flick is all about seeing hot young people without their clothes on, it did cause a bit of controversy. Phoebe was willing to do nudity, but not as much as the filmmakers wanted her to. So, they filmed her naked, then filmed a body double naked for a bunch of scenes she didn't know about, and included them in the final cut without telling her. When she found out what they'd done, Phoebe was pissed. We were a bit perturbed too, but not all that mad since both the double and Phoebe were mad hot! We do get to see Pheobe going full frontal on the beach and swimming in the blue water, as well as taking the sexiest, buns out shower in a cave. The double doesn't look so bad either, especially when she rubs her rack all over Willie's chest. Having our face between that pair truly is Paradise