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Vice Principals

Vice Principals (2016-2017)

Brief Nudity

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The second HBO series from Eastbound and Down creators Jody Hill and Danny McBride, Vice Principals is a down and dirty look at the apparently filthy world of life as a high school vice principal. McBride stars as Neal Gamby, a buttoned down, sweater vest loving guy who dreams of one day becoming a high school principal. The only thing he thinks is standing in his way is the unhinged—but much more popular and way better dressed—other vice principal, Lee Russell (Walton Goggins), who is similarly hell-bent on becoming the principal. When the actual school principal (Bill Murray) steps down, both are shocked to find out that the school hired an outsider named Dr. Belinda Brown (Kimberly Hebert Gregory) to the head honcho spot. This decision leads our two warring educators to have to team up and take her down. But bringing her down is worthless if you don't position yourself to become the new principal, so there's is a trust-free team up that comes with all sorts of backstabbing. The show got off to a slow skin start, but in the third episode, Dorothy Reynolds bared her boobs and butt while getting banged up against a window! It's a class trip, and little Tammy takes it as an opportunity to let her boyfriend take her to pound town in the hotel gym. Teachers might have to pretend their students don't have amazing tatas, but even the vice knew those things were nice! On a note about seeing a more appropriate tit, Mariann Gavelo shows her merry mams as a stripper getting harassed by Gamby's unfunny jokes before grinding all over Lee, but the best nudity comes from Amy Farrington, who pops a boob out of her very business savvy blazer after breastfeeding her baby. She doesn't realize it's out for all to see, but once she figures it out, she doesn't care at all! Those swollen hangers should have caused a sensation of masturbation among the male members of the school's administration! The laughs are the principal reason to watch, but the titties are an added on boner bonus on Vice Principals!