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United States of Tara

United States of Tara (2009-2010)

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US T&A! US T&A! Based on an idea Steven Spielberg had, Diablo Cody turned from the big to the small screens when she created The Showtime drama series United States of Tara. This three season lasting comedy stars Toni Collette as the titular Tara Gregson, a woman whose medication to treat her multiple personalities has taken the joy out of her life, so she decides to ditch the meds and embrace living as one woman with a ton of different identities. Some of those fascinating personas include T, a wild partying teenager; a blue-collar beer-drinking man named Buck; and an Ozzie and Harriet-style housewife named Alice. Outside of Buck, we'd be happy to...party, with any version of Miss Collette! Obviously, having all these wild personalities causing chaos in her family, with some members liking certain personalities more than others, to say nothing of her relationships at work. The show got off to a promising start when Toni’s tushy came out in the first episode as she takes her white undies off to change into a thong as she embraces her teen identity. Personally, thanks to her slutty behavior that's definitely our favorite personality! Later on, we'll see her going lezzy with Joey Lauren Adams, then flashing funbag fleeing the scene when she wakes up in bed with Joey, and is shocked to find out what she's done. Rosemarie DeWitt used a body double to show her tits, but maybe the sexiest stuff on the show comes from a young Brie Larson. Before she was playing Captain Marvel, we were marvelling at her youthful body in a bikini, as well as a bra and panties. If she'd ever gone full frontal, Mr Skin will pledge allegiance to the United States of Tara.