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Cocked (2015)

Brief Nudity

Top Scene


The Amazon melodrama Cocked stars Jason Lee and Sam Trammel as Richard and Grady Paxton, the alpha-and beta-male sons of conservative gun maker Wade (Brian Dennehy), a less-than-stellar business man rooted deep in his conservative values. When Rayburn firearms rips off the prototype for their new semi-automatic revolver hybrid and sells it for half the price, the Paxton pistol pushers start a downward path towards bankruptcy. To add insult to injury, Rayburn makes an offer to buy them out, an offer that earns a bladder-reliving response from deal ol’ dad. When the caustic competitor sends some henchmen full of threats, it’s up to Richard to restore order and save the business and the family. The pilot episode packs enough great skin that you’ll be polishing your pistol, thanks to the boob-filled scene from former Playboy twins Karissa and Kristina Shannon, along with a look at Diora Baird’s pair while during a steamy sex scene. The women of Cocked will have you cocked and ready!