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Good Omens

Good Omens (2019)

Brief Nudity

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In 2019, Neil Gaiman adapted his and Terry Pratchett's 1990 buddy novel about polar opposite angels working together to save the world into the Amazon Prime series of the same name, Good Omens (2019). Like most of Gaiman's stuff, it's a comedy that involves supernatural gods living on Earth. Michael Sheen is Aziraphale, an angel who's been living on Earth since day one, and has taken quite a liking to life as an antique bookshop owner, hardcore foodie, snappy dresser and overall fancy fop of a man. Meanwhile, Crowley (David Tennant) is a demon who's been on Earth the same amount of time, but has unsurprisingly become a tough as leather, womanizing, hard drinking, badass of a man. The only thing these two opposites have in common is that they quite like living on Earth, so when they hear the anti-Christ is on his way and the apocalypse is near, they band together to save it. In this case, the devil spawn is an eleven year old, just not the one they've been watching the whole time. With little time to spare thanks to their blunder, they have very little time to track him down and save the day. There are lots of good women on Good Omens, but only one was good enough to show her body. Schelaine Bennett is nude with leaves wrapped around her naughty bits to play an iconic and sexy version of Eve being tempted by the snake. We're All About Eve when she walks around naked and lets us see her buns, while the apples up top are well covered by some vines. The ones who should be ashamed are whoever felt the need to cover her phenomenal funbags! Oh man, would we have liked to see those! And a bit of Eve beav, for good measure! Even the gay men weren't happy with that move from Gaiman! Oh well, at least seeing that ass was a very good moment in Good Omens!