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Why Women Kill

Why Women Kill (2019)

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Created by the man behind Desperate Housewives for CBS All Access back in 2019, Why Women Kill is a crime comedy whose first season followed three different married women living in the same SoCal house, in three different eras, each of whom handle their husband's infidelity in various ways. There's Beth Ann Stanton (Ginnifer Goodwin), a sixties housewife whose husband has his eyes on another woman's thighs, Simone Grove (Lucy Liu), a happening eighties socialite whose third hubby ends up being a closeted homosexual, and Taylor Harding (Kirby Howell-Baptiste), a modern day bisexual lawyer who really wants to rail her husband's mistress. Beth's got a plan to get her husband shot, Simone's husband's suffering from AIDS and wants her to end his life, and the bi couple's just a mess so it's not shocking someone ends up dead. Season two moved to Paramount Plus, bailed on the three timeline concept, and focused on a frumpy woman (Allison Tolman) in 1949 trying to work her way into the upper classes via an exclusive gardening club. Sure, the murder mystery was the focal point, but there were some women with killer bods in this one, like Alexandra Daddario's Jade, who is tempting both members of the modern day married couple. Seeing her bounce those bigums in a black bikini, it's not hard to see why they both wanted some of that pie! Daddy likey those Daddario double Ds! Look fast and you can see up Lucy Liu's nighty in one scene and a photo of Odelya Halevi in a pink bikini in another, or you could take it slow and watch Daddario and Kirby Howell-Baptiste make out in a hot tub. The only real skin we get is when Ginnifer Goodwin uses a body double to display her bus as she greets her husband nude at the breakfast table. Great ass, lady who's not Miss Goodwin! It's not hard to figure out why so many men watched Why Women Kill!