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Mord im Swingerclub

Mord im Swingerclub (2000)

Great Nudity!


Katja Bach is being blackmailed with a compromising photo from a swinger club. Katja is a successful attorney and one night she goes out with Pedro for some sensual fun. The following day a stranger took a photo of her that could ruin her career. She seeks the help of her sister, whose husband is a detective. Katja’s sister winds up dead as a warning against coming too close to the culprit. Now, more than ever, Katja seeks to find the murderer and blackmailer at any cost, even that of losing her job.

Susana Simon, who plays Katja, shows both jugs and crack in the swinger club, and also while in view of the camera that took the incrimination photos. She gets it on with both guys and girls in make out scenes, some with nudity and some with loads of sexiness. Can you blame the guy for taking pictures? Who wouldn’t want to cherish such memories?