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Travelling Light

Travelling Light (2003)

Brief Nudity


Take one family that is at a crossroads while living in a Australian suburb in the 1970’s, add in a teenage girl who would rather hang out with her friends, and mix them together with an intoxicating new stranger that claims to be an American beat poet and you have Travelling Light (2003).

As with any good coming of age tale, there are boobs involved. In this case they belong to the charming Aussie actress Pia Miranda. Ms. Miranda spends one scene in the movie wearing a mostly see-thru shirt that allows us to check out her lacy bra, but later things heat up and get sticky when she appears fully nude with just a fish covering her most private of down under areas. Yes, you read that correctly. Pia stands nude and uses a large fish to partially cover herself. Once you get past the buggy fish eyes looking at you, your gaze will fall upon Pia’s perky little chest pillows and fantastic abs. She even turns to the side and gives us a bit of a peek at her sweet rear. By the time you finish soaking in her tight, naked body, the only thing that will seem fishy is the amount of time it is taking you to get out of your pants!