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Training Day

Training Day (2017)

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Training Day the series is Training Day the movie, only 15 years later and with a different combination of the bad cop/good cop trouble team. Denzel's Alonso Harris is instead Bill Paxton's Frank Rourke, playing a rogue cop who does some of his best work by operating on the shady side of the law, while Ethan's Jake Hoyt is replaced by Justin Cornwell's squeaky clean Kyle Craig. Kyle is sent in to monitor Frank, lest he become the next Alonso Harris (and yes - that's exactly how it's worded) and Kyle would probably rat on Frank were his late father not friends with Frank during his own cop years. You likely the know the rest of the story - but you might not know who the beautiful, boobiful Katrina Law is. She shows sideboob and an almost nip slip during a post-sex scene that will have you getting handsy with yourself!