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The critically acclaimed Fox superseries The X Files followed the freaky careers of FBI agents Dana Scully (Gillian Anderson) and Fox Mulder (David Duchovny) as they tracked down little green men and all manner of other gooey, screwy, and spooky suspects. A recipient of multiple Emmy awards during its initial run from 1993 to 2002, though there were also some movies and a reboot years later, the series followed Fox and Mulder: two FBI Agents working for a tiny part of the bureau that focuses on the countries' weird, unsolved, and possibly paranormal cases. Fox is the true believer, in large part because he saw his sister get abducted by aliens when he was a kid. Dana Scully is the skeptic; a medical doctor and woman of science who always believes there's a rational explanation to what may look paranormal at first glance. Together, they investigate everything from aliens and cryptids to evil dolls and psychics, often finding that the very government they're working for has been hiding some stuff from them and the bureau. And of course, since they're both hot, there's all sorts of "will they or won't they" to go along with the conspiracy theories and creepy creatures they're always tracking down. Every nerdy fellas crush back in the 90's was Dana Scully, who still lives rent free in the minds of anyone who watched the show. The smoking ginger who you were dying to get into the pantsuit and panties of waited a long time to bring the sex to the X, but in the tenth season we see a dude fantasizing about Gillian stripping down to her bra and banging him on the copy machine. Copy that! Mr. Skin would love to investigate freaky stuff with her, if it led to them getting freaky together! Back in the ninth season, Lucy Lawless brought out the nerd boners with a buns shot. I want to believe...those were her ham hocks, but the truth is, it was the work of a double. But there is some hot stuff out there! We did see scream queen Krista Allen in a thong, playing a video game character come to life that'll have you jiggling your joystick. File those X-Files scenes away in your spank bank!