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Extant (2015)

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Extant (2014-) is a sci-fi TV series starring none other than Halle Berry. And if that's not enough to pique your interest, the show strives to answer one haunting question: How did an infertile Molly (Halle Berry) get pregnant on a year-long solo trip in space? Like the rest of us, Molly is perplexed by this question. When she returns home to her husband John and half robot, half human son Ethan, the world as we know it spins into utter chaos. Molly's relationship with both of her children—her robotic son and her half-alien baby—becomes increasingly precarious as time goes by (as it probably would with half anything-but-human relatives). Ethan lives in constant fear that his parents will stop loving him and turn him off, while Molly must find her baby, who is actually now a rapidly growing little boy, in space before he kills droves of people. Ultimately they learn a legion of aliens might be threatening life as they know it, throwing everyone into a frenzy. Speaking of a frenzy, Halle Berry creates one of an entirely differently kind when she gets hot and heavy with her hubby in the shower. And don't even get us started on Tehmina Sunny, who sports nothing but a bra and panties when she rolls around in the sheets with Jeffrey Dean Morgan. These ladies super-human hotness takes Extant to a whole new level of extraterrestrial.