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The Vampire Happening

The Vampire Happening (1971)

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While not based on The Supremes tune about a certain happening, The Vampire Happening (1971) is one of those wild and crazy European horror flicks of the early 70s where you could be guaranteed a ton of nudity and lots of blood. Betty Williams (Pia Degermark) is an American actress who has just received word that she has inherited a castle in Transylvania from a recently deceased distant relative, Baroness Catani, also played by Degermark. What Betty doesn't know, however, is that her Baroness relative was actually a vampire and bride of Dracula (Ferdy Mayne), and her restless spirit is seeking a new body to inhabit. Once the Baroness' servants discover that Betty has come to the castle, they use their dark magic to help their master take over Betty's body and bring Dracula back to life as well, so they can inflict all manner of chaos on the village as well as a nearby Catholic seminary. Naturally, hijinks ensue, especially once Betty's Hollywood pals descend on the castle and look to throw some wild and crazy parties with their friend whom they don't realize has been possessed by the spirit of a long dead vampire Baroness. Swedish beauty Pia Degermark's voice may have been dubbed by an actress with a slightly better grasp of English, but thankfully she didn't need any doubling when it came to the nudity! Pia bares her beautiful breasts in seven different swinging scenes that are sure to have you in the mood for a happening of your own... and the only one you need to invite is your hand!