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The United States vs. Billie Holiday

The United States vs. Billie Holiday (2021)

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With her distinctive voice and ability to make love to the music, Billie Holiday was one of the most popular and famous singers of the early 20th century. The film The United States vs. Billie Holiday (2021)—from director Lee Daniels (Precious, The Paperboy)—tells the true story of how she was targeted by the United States government after releasing her anti-lynching song "Strange Fruit." The gorgeous Andra Day stars in the lead role, playing the chanteuse as she struggles with a heroin addiction that the government decides to exploit as part of their new "war on drugs." Moonlight star Trevante Rhodes co-stars as Jimmy Fletcher, a federal agent working for the Federal Department of Narcotics, who is embedded as part of Holiday's crew in an effort to bring her down from within. The two begin a tumultuous love affair which ultimately puts them both at risk as the government becomes downright dogged in its attempts to make Holiday the highest profile cautionary tale of the era. The film contextualizes Holiday's place in the early days of the Civil Rights movement and how she spoke truth to power, even at the expense of her own career and, ultimately, her life! Andra Day is absolutely mesmerizing in the lead role but even better, she gets completely naked several times! We see all three of her beautiful Bs as she gets banged by Rhodes in bed, goes topless in a handful of other scenes, and also shows off terrific T'n'A while getting hosed down alongside some uncredited ladies in prison! Andra's skinsational performance will have you feeling like you're on a permanent Holiday!