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The Stand

The Stand (2020-2021)

Brief Nudity

Top Scene


The Stand (2020) is a miniseries that is an adaptation of Stephen King's The Stand, so you know that it will be spooky and mysterious. It is all that and more! There is a mass human destruction caused by a manmade virus known as Captain Trips. After this virus has decimated modern society, a prophet emerges. This phony prophet claims that he has powers and that he will use his powers to rule over the remaining society. People fall for his claims except for a small group of people who have joined together to stop him and his prophetic army. Heather Graham stars as Rita Blakemore who very briefly has a sexy scene. Blink and you'll miss her sideboob as she presses her naked body against her man for a lovemaking scene that barely shows us a gram of Heather Graham's gorgeous body. Oh, well. Can you stand to see some more? Of course, you can! Actress Kristy Dawn Dinsmore provides us a little more nudity when she sits up naked and tries to cover her bare chest with a blanket. She does not cover it in time for us to catch a glimpse of her tits. This all happens when a guy gets out of her bed and makes her angry. Of course, she's angry. She's gorgeous and she is probably used to guys sticking around. So she sits up and starts throwing things at him while attempting to keep her boobs hidden. Dinsmore should definitely show us a little more next time. We could Stand to see it!