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The Shadow People (2017)

Brief Nudity

The Shadow People (2017) is a thriller directed by Brian T. Jaynes and starring C. Thomas Howell, Bug Hall, and Kat Steffens. This drama follows two newlyweds who move into their dream home in the hopes of starting a family. However, soon the young wife begins having visions of shadowy figures. The couple’s marriage begins to crumble under the strain of the haunting shadow people until a mysterious priest reveals the truth behind the visions. The only vision we’re worried about is that of the super cute Kat Steffens. Kat gives us a peek at her ravishing rack while banging a guy in bed in dimly lit scene. We get some sexy side boob and a look at that bangin’ booty when Kat slips out of her underwear to jump in the shower. Best of all, we get a bird’s eye view of her terrific ta-tas when Kat is taking a bath. We’re going to be haunted by how sexy Kat looks naked!

Top Scenes

Nude, butt 00:56:54 Kat undoes her bra and slides off her underwear to climb into the shower and is freaked out when she sees a ghost! (36 secs)
Nude, breasts 00:58:46 Breasts on Kat as she sits topless in a bathrub and the shot goes overhead! More boobage when she begins drowning! (52 secs)
Nude, breasts 00:08:25 Some dimly lit looks at Kat's casabas as she gets banged on a bed! (20 secs)


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