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The Pornographer

The Pornographer (1999)

Great Nudity!

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Bet that title made you look, huh? This intriguingly offbeat indie drama casts Michael DeGood as a paralegal bearing some heavy anti-sex baggage from a stern upbringing. He gets hooked on smut, but when sees the low-rent quality of the dirt tapes he's renting he decides to break through the filth wall and start making sex videos on his own. Eureka! After cranking out some above-average flesh fare, the ambitious young sleaze-peddled hooks up with a slimy porn mogul (Craig Wasson) who thinks our boy could be a winner -- just so long as he recruits some fresh blue-screen talent. It gets complicated with DeGood falls in love with the spanking ripe beauty (Katherine Cain) that he's supposed to be exploiting. The Pornogrpaher is a zero-budget affair that uses such status to its advantage, creating a tight, edgy milieu that packs a powerful punch and is semi-packed with some lovely females to eyeball along the way.