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Deadly Sins

Deadly Sins (1995)

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Teamwork between the private and government sectors is always an inspiring thing to see, especially when the two factions are cooperating in an operation that involves the mini-skirted students matriculating at an all-girls Catholic school. Enter Deadly Sins (1995) — not to be confused with the British romp The Magnificent Seven Deadly Sins (1971). Set in Wisconsin, this R-rated thriller follows Cristina Herrera (Alyssa Milano). She’s a lady private investigator (paragon of free enterprise) who teams up with Jack Gates (David Keith), the local deputy sheriff (representative of the municipal government). The two work — and play — together as seen in a scene when Cristina offers up some side breast while having sex with Jack. When they’re not fooling around, the duo tracks down and apprehends the sick, insufficient bastard causing terror on Our Lady of the Libidinal Lovelies campus. There, we encounter Mother Superior (Pamela Perry), Headmaster Charles Gray (Peter Hanlon), and sexy school girls aplenty: Emily (Ann Warn Pegg), Gwen (April Telek), Marie (Heidi Lenhart), Polly (Joely Collins), Rita (Jo Bates), Suzy (Jennifer Copping), and Beth (Corrie Clark). Just 26 minutes into the movie, the latter lass flashes her rack while getting it on with a big man on campus. Nice student body! If that’s not arousing enough, Ms. Clark bares her boobs again at the 55-minute mark. The skintastic act takes place when she hooks up with a horny delivery boy (Steve Bacic). We’re sure he came in less than 30 minutes to serve up something piping hot!