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Surviving Picasso

Surviving Picasso (1996)

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As it turns out, Pablo Picasso was kind of a huge jerk. More like Pablo dick-asshole, am I right? At least, that’s the impression left of the famous painter in the biopic Surviving Picasso (1996). Based on Arianna Huffington's 1998 biography, Anthony Hopkins plays the artistic genius who simply didn’t have much humanity when it came to women. Told through the eyes of his longtime lover and mother of two of his children, Francois Gilot (Natascha McElhone), viewers watch the pair meet when she's 23 and he's 60-something, with both living in Nazi occupied Paris. She'll end up one of the few ladies to hoe for Picasso that doesn't end up insane. In fact, she'll go on to marry the man who cured Polio, Jonas Salk. Things don't go as well for Pablo's mistress Dora Maar (Julianne Moore), since we see her openly noting that if she can't have Pablo she might not feel like living anymore. But he didn't even marry her, she was just a plaything. Not that he was any nicer to his first wife, the sexy dancer Olga (Jane Lapotaire) or second wife Marie-Therese (Susannah Harker). But rumors of his behavior can't deter Francois, largely because she wants to be a painter and has gotten kicked out of her house for chasing that dream instead of becoming a lawyer. Pablo takes her in, but says she has to make sure nobody sees her coming and going from the house. Her painting skills grow, but Pablo gets more and more controlling until Francois worries she'll be just another woman destroyed by the fame "Guernica" painter. Critics weren't happy that we never see any actual Picasso's, since the family didn't feel like lending the rights to a movie talking about what a womanizing butthole he was. But don't worry, the real fine piece of art was Natascha McElhone's naked body, which we see in a full frontal shot while she poses for Pablo. Natascha strips down and stands fully naked, with her hoots, glutes and cha cha in full view. Seeing her pose, you bet it grows! You'll rush for the nearest brush seeing the amazing pieces of ass Pablo has to pick from in Surviving Picasso!