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The Oval

The Oval (2019-2021)

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In 2019 Tyler Perry brought political intrigue to BET with The Oval, a sexy pseudo soap opera about a newly inaugurated president and his family adjusting to life in the White House. The new president, Hunter Franklin (Ed Quinn) is a bit of a playboy who seems less concerned with running the country, and more concerned with the celebrity status the gig gives him. His black wife Victoria (Kron Moore) is the real power behind the empty suit, but she's a power hungry, take no prisoners baddie who'll do whatever it takes to maintain the family image, including beating her daughter Gayle (Paige Audrie Marie). Throw in a sex freak son (Daniel Croix Henderson), and the interactions between the POTUS' fam and the Secret Service, as well as the help and their kids, and there was enough drama happening in the White House to last two full terms. Going on four seasons and counting, the black women in the White House are definitely turning us on, like Kron Moore, who has a sexy fight scene in the bedroom in her negligee. Paige Hurd shows how busty she looks in a bra while in bed with a man. Teesha Renee shows a bit more when she shows her bare backside as she rides her fella. Wish Tee Renee would show the T as well as the A! As for the Pres, his number one mistress is Natasha Ward, who we see seducing him in the Oval Office, stripping to a bra and panties before stomping on his balls. Commander in Chief might be a bit lofty, but Mr. Skin will run for Chicago Mayor if it means getting to play with that amazing pair! If you like your ladies busty, Ptosha Storey is the one you want to watch for. She seduces her husband in a one piece pair of lingerie, that's begging for mercy trying to keep those black bombs from spilling out! Hail to the Chief, then batter your beef, watching Tyler Perry's The Oval