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Almost Paradise

Almost Paradise (2020)

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Debuting on WGN in 2020 before moving to IMDB TV for its second season, Almost Paradise is a fun, breezy series about a former DEA Agent who's supposed to be relaxing, but just can't stop solving crimes. Alex Walker (Christian Kane) is a former high level DEA Agent who retired early after his partner betrayed him, he was unhappy how little progress he made in stopping the flow of drugs, and the stress of the job gave him a heart condition. Wanting a gig completely unlike his old one, Alex moved to the tropical paradise of Cebu, Philippines, where he bought a gift shop a few years back. He's set to live the rest of his life slinging sunscreen and overpriced TV shirts to tourists, but when he witnesses a pair of detectives about to die after botching a drug bust, he has to step in. Recognizing how he's the real deal, suddenly Alex's expertise is in high demand among the local law enforcement. Try as he might to avoid the law enforcement lifestyle, soon enough he's helping the local cops take down the bad guys. If it was really paradise, there'd be uncovered pairs of double D's all over the place. Instead, we just get a bunch of bikini babes, including the sexy Samantha Richelle, who stars as Mactan PD Detective Kai Mendoza. Samantha disrobes to show her bikini body in a steaming hot white bikini that shows off her golden hourglass figure. Later, she'll opt for the one piece, which only accentuates that she is one hot piece of ass! From her cleavage to her teeny waist and fit thighs, paradise for Mr. Skin is in between Detective Kai's thighs! If being ex-DEA gets you that kind of T&A, we understand why Alex abandoned the gift shop in Almost Paradise