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The One You Feed

The One You Feed (2020)

Brief Nudity

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The One You Feed (2020) is a drama from director and writer Drew Harwood about a stranger who is injured. He's a loner who has been mysteriously traveling when a Man and a Woman find him and take the injured man in. They take care of the stranger and he soon realizes that he knows less about them than they do about him. Not only that, but the couple appears to live as if time stopped one hundred years ago. He is now healing in this place that does not have electricity and other amenities of the modern world. That freaks him out, but the couple themselves seem a little off the more he sticks around to heal his wounded leg. It's possible this mysterious stranger is nowhere near as dangerous as the couple. Things get even more confusing when the stranger becomes convinced that he has met this man before. The man insists that he does not know him, but he knows that he has met him before. The movie begs the question: do you ever really know anyone? The lovely Rebecca Frasier plays Femme, the woman in the couple who takes care of this very lucky man. We say lucky because he gets a front-row seat to her luminous jugs. When Rebecca's old-timey dress comes undone and her corset gets loosened, Rebecca reveals a rack that is definitely timeless. She must be the one who feeds because we want to feed off of those milky mams until we are satiated.