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The One

The One (2021)

No Nudity

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The One (2021) this science fiction series is set in the future...five minutes into the future that you are currently living in now. In this not-so-distant future, DNA tests help people find the perfect mate for them. They put a piece of their hair into a baggie and send it into a dating company that uses DNA for love...or does it. While it claims to pair people together who are "genetically predisposed" to fall in love with one another, heartbreak and pain inevitably happen and the woman at the helm of this experiment becomes an enemy of the people. After a man who used her program kills himself, the federal agents look into this experiment and what the DNA is really being used for. Is any of this ethical? Is any of this real? How much of love can actually be explained by DNA? You will have to watch to find out! Luckily, a series about love and science has hot women for us to admire. Lois Chimimba plays Hannah who looks hot and sexy in one of her flirty scenes as one of the women who gets matched up with someone. Zoe Tapper has us wanting to tap that when we see her down in her skivvies as she lezzes out with Jana Perez in lingerie. Finally, Hannah Ware plays Rebecca who is the woman behind this experiment. We get to check her out in a bra when she is underneath a man during a missionary sex scene. For beautiful women, this series is The One.