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The Lords of Salem

The Lords of Salem (2013)

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Rob Zombie is at it again, this time with enough black magic babes to get your stake burning via The Lords of Salem (2012). No, we're not talking about the prosecutorial Puritans of the 1600's, this one takes place in modern day Salem, where local DJ Heidi (Sheri Moon Zombie) keeps noticing a mysterious presence in the supposedly vacant apartment next door. Next thing you know, she receives a strange wooden box with a record from the band, you guessed it, the Lords. A couple of needle spins later and thanks to the demonic demo, all the women of Salem have fallen under a spell and Heidi keeps having recurring visions of all sorts of awful stuff. Of course, the band and the music are going to be related to the with trials that made the town infamous, but while those accusations were famously erroneous there's real witchcraft at play every time The Lords play. You'll press play on this one since the women of Salem like to show em! Getting erogenous right off the bat, this movie starts out hotter than a witch’s teat with Meg Foster and Brynn Horrocks stripping down and baring their chest cauldrons three minutes into the action. They're a coven of witches dancing around a fire, casting some sort of spell that's apparently not as effective when it's created by clothed people. Judy Thompson shows all three B's while stripping down to take a bath. And since Rob knows that making yout throb is a great way to make sure your movie's a big hit, he even throws in some of his wife's tits. Yes, Sheri Moon Zombie will cast a spell on your crotch with a tempting T&A shot as she sleeps naked. Good Lord, there are some sexy women in The Lords of Salem