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The House on Sorority Row

The House on Sorority Row (1983)

Brief Nudity

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The House on Sorority Row (1983) has a nice ring to it, inviting even. Who wouldn’t want to visit a dwelling inhabited by young, nubile ladies? Plus they have a house, with rooms, and likely privacy for doing private acts. It’s all good. Only it’s not. In this classic slasher flick that was truly one of the OGs of the genre, a group of graduating seniors want to have a party in their sorority house, but their house mother (Lois Kelso Hunt) vetoes the plan. They're furious, so they decide to play a prank on her, only to watch her die in the swimming pool. But now with nothing stopping them from partying they do so, hiding the dead body with the intention of dealing with the legalities after the festivities. Only one by one the sorority sisters disappear and are eventually found dead. Ends up, there's a jester mask wearing killer slaughtering all the sisters. But as tough as it is to survive a slasher movie already, these college girls have to do it while simultaneously covering up their own murderous malfeasances! There are no titties like sorortitties, and lucky for us this one's full of them! While Robin Meloy can only be seen in her undies as she almost gets tossed into a pool, and Harley Jane Kozak's rack is only on display via a very nippy tee shirt, Eileen Davidson, Ellen Dorsher and Jodi Draigie all keep it real. Jodi's the thin blonde showing her jugs as she slips out of a little black dress into something more comfortable. That shot will have you pledging Master Beta! Ellen slips a nip when she hops into the swimming pool to save the old lady, but it's the busty blonde Eileen Davidson who really dumps em out, as she shows em to a lucky dude! Come to the house, off goes the blouse! Any fella's lucky to get their mitts on those tits! Even if you're not into horror flicks, thanks to those topless chicks The House on Sorority Row is quite a skin show!