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The Outing

The Outing (1987)

Brief Nudity

Top Scene


Two decades before Ben Stiller tried it, the teenagers in The Outing (1987) learned the hard way that spending a night in the museum can only lead to trouble, especially when an evil genie has just been unleashed! Naturally as havoc ensues, this band of brainiacs decides to split up, hoping to cover more ground or maybe just more running time in this 87 minute quickie. One by one they become ancient history until only a budding young couple are left standing. But is the curse really over? More importantly, do any of these young ladies give us a lesson in anatomy? Well, look no further than Exhibit A: The tempting Tracy Walker whose ta-tas come out as she is pursued by two men in masks (and speedos?) Then there’s Damon Merrill who goes full frontal and behind as a killer cobra slithers her way. Finally Michelle Watkins loses her top as she prepares for a dip, but ends up running for her life from a vengeful entity. Thankfully, she doesn’t have time to get dressed. All this skin makes this less family friendly outing our preferred night at the museum.