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The Hospital 2 (2015)

Brief Nudity

(0:08) Constance Medrano tied up in just her panties in a B&W flashback (probably from the first film.) We see her breasts.(0:16) Lisa Marie Kart is tied up. Her dress is evidently taken down and we see her breasts in a quick shot as a Santa is going down on her.(0:16) Megan Emerick pulls up her skirt to reveal her panties and garters wanting the same Santa to screw her which he does on the floor.(0:33) Bunsbreasts and maybe some push on PURPLE HAIR as she climbs onto the guy to ride him. Hard to see her bush as she lies down because of her weight. (This may be Cat Bernier. Can't find a pic but order of appearance suggests)(0:44) GIRL tied up with her legs spread. We see her bush and partial breasts. Megan Emerick leans over to show some nice cleavage.(0:45) Megan Emerick is now wearing the pink panties.(0:53) What is supposed to be Lara-Louisa Piacquadio lying on the bed bloodied, dead and in her panties. (Though you can see her still breathing.) Then there is a flashback to the first film likely with a GIRL tied up and her breasts exposed as the guy says "You'll like me now."(1:02) Betsy Rue in her bra and panties on the mattress. She gets up and walks around.(1:05) Megan Emerick is in the shower. We just see her back at front and some light sideboob. When a guy opens the curtain on her we see her buns and some breasts from the side.(1:11) More Betsy Rue in her bra and panties. Soon she will fight with her captor and get on top of him. He gets the upper hand on her again and grabs her chest over her bra and licks her face before carrying her out and into a container.(1:20) A bloodied Betsy Rue in her bra and panties comes out of the container. She then fights with a guy.


Betsy Rue

Sexy - as Skyeunderwear

Lisa Marie Kart

Nude - as Cammiebreasts

Megan Emerick

Nude - as Samanthabreasts, butt, underwear

Constance Medrano

Nude - as Bethbreasts

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