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The Getaway (1994)

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It takes a special kind of vision and bravery to remake a film that is an acknowledged and revered classic. When Alec Baldwin and Kim Basinger undertook the updating of the Sam Peckinpah helmed Steve McQueen and Ali MacGraw gem, with their version of The Getaway (1994), they realized more nudity would be their key to success, and had the courage to implement that starkly skintastic vision. Three years after falling in love on the set of The Marrying Man (1991), Basinger and Baldwin star as Doc and Carol McCoy, two professional crooks who botch a job in Mexico, landing Doc in a South of the Border jail cell. Mafioso Jack Benyon (James Woods) agrees to break Doc out, as long as he helps rob a dog track for him. That job doesn't go according to plan, and it soon seems that our criminal couple has been double crossed. Can they get away from the cops, the people trying to kill them, and everyone else looking to take them out? If this remake taught us anything, the big takeaway should be that any update's amazing when you've got women taking off their clothes. Basinger is far more forthcoming with fleshly delights in this shoot-’em-up saga of bank robbers and bad cops than was any actress of the original flick. While her marriage to Alec would ultimately end in a messy divorce, Kim was all over him in this one! She shows all three B's while in the midst of some shower sex, as well as when the two take it to the bedroom. Plus, there's plenty of booby fun from a prime Jennifer Tilly, as she bounces her buns and breastworks as she rides like a naked cowgirl busting a horny bronc. It's a scene so hot it's silly. With two busty bombshells like that flashing in it, good luck peeling yourself away from The Getaway!