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The Emperor of Paris

The Emperor of Paris (2018)

Brief Nudity

Top Scene


The unrepentant criminal, François Vidocq (Vincent Cassel), is a master at escaping from prison.  In fact, during the Napoleonic era in the Parisian criminal underworld, he's a legend among his fellow thieves and cutthroats.  During his last daring escape from a prison ship at sea though, he is almost left for dead and must hide amongst the normal laborers in Paris.  The cunning anti-hero finds that maybe a new identity and work as a tradesman might actually be the life that he wants to live out instead of being The Emperor of Paris' underworld. When his old enemies in law enforcement find him working as a fabric merchant years later, they offer him a full pardon if he helps them catch the criminals that are now wreaking havoc on the streets.  So Vidocq assembles a crew of hardened ex-cons to help him on his new venture, wrangling up criminals he used to know.  Lucky for us, he also wrangles up a hottie in French fox Freya Mavor, who comes in with a topless scene for the lone skin-tillating scene in this period piece set in 1805 France!