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Free Party (2014)

Brief Nudity

Set in the middle of the Cevennes forests of France, Free Party (2014) is a French short film that focuses on a young man’s journey to find himself as he visits his punk-rocking half-brother who lives in a trailer park community with other wayward lifestyle individuals. Julien (Martin Combes) comes unannounced to the home of Max (Pierre Lottin) who does not want him to stay long. Julien gets caught up in his brother’s free-wheeling lifestyle and even begins an affair with Max’s sometimes girlfriend Lise. (Marion Frizot) The POV sex scene is a particular highlight from this short piece as we get to see an extreme close up of Frizot’s plentiful rack as she gets it on with the film’s protagonist. Clocking in at around 30 min, this film is an easy watch and well worth a view.


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