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The Disco Exorcist

The Disco Exorcist (2011)

Great Nudity!

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Get ready for an avalanche of boobs, blood, and boogie in throwback horror flick The Disco Exorcist (2011). Rex Romanski (Michael Reed) is the king of the scene, and all the ladies are lining up to take a ride on his disco stick. But his latest conquest, Rita Marie (Ruth Sullivan), is mixed up in the dark arts and is furious when Rex spurns her for porn star Amoreena Jones (Sarah Nicklin). Rita curses Amoreena with a demonic possession that makes her black out and try to kill Rex over and over again. Will Rex and Amoreena’s love be able to overcome her homicidal tendencies? It wouldn’t be a grindhouse flick without a bevy of babes showing skin, and Kallista Nytly, Ky O'Brien, Shadow Faye, Ali Johnston, and Aurora Grabill all bare their bit parts in supporting roles. Plus, leading ladies Ruth Sullivan and Sarah Nicklin show off some stunning T&A as they fight over the love of a skinny disco dude. The Disco Exorcist will make your head spin!