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The Dictator

The Dictator (2012)

Brief Nudity

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Gregarious goofball and street prankster Sacha Baron Cohen goes fully scripted with a megalomaniacal new character in The Dictator (2012). General Admiral Aladeen (Cohen) rules over the North African nation of Wadiya, lives in a giant palace, and has enough cash to persuade Megan Fox to fly in for a late-night boning. Unfortunately his premier, Tahir (Ben Kingsley), is plotting to overthrow him, and a failed assassination attempt leaves Aladeen de-bearded and homeless on the streets of Manhattan. When he wanders into a health food store run by Zoey (Anna Faris) they have a spark, but she has no idea who he really is. Sadly there is no nudity from the film’s female stars but Megan Fox does appear in a jiggly, jug-stuffed black bra 10-minutes in. Plus we get a look at some popped up turkey timers from Anna Faris in a thin tank top 58-minutes in. At the 25 minute mark, Dominique Dicaprio strips down to their lingerie to teach him the ways of love. But only Dawn and Dominique take off their bras to show the teat meat in all their glory. If that's not enough to get your rocks off quickly, you can see more busty flesh bosom when Sacha Baron Cohen is almost killed by Busty Heart's boobs. This flick is filled with scenes worth wanking to, and you'll easily see plenty of masturbation fuel between the obscenely funny content. Trust Mr. Skin when he says that it'll be enough to make your little dictator salute!