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The Courier

The Courier (2024)

Brief Nudity

Top Scene


The film follows Iván Márquez (Arón Piper), a young boy from Vallecas, Spain, who watches his family struggle financially after thriving for a period in the 90s thanks to the Barcelona Olympics and Seville Expo. Even once the Euro is introduced ten years later, it still feels like the public is getting screwed, so Iván takes it upon himself to seize the quickest opportunity for wealth. Working as a valet at a wealthy Madrid gold club, he uses his access to powerful people to become a courier for an international money laundering organization, carrying briefcases from Spain to Brussels and Geneva. This job earns him a small fortune but he’s still not satisfied and decides to enter Costa del Sol’s criminal world full of big construction businessmen, corrupt politicians, bankers, and the Chinese mafia with the help of his friend Yannick (Nourdin Batan). We see him bag a couple of beauties along the way, including a bethonged María Pedraza whose jiggling ass cheeks we see while getting boned on a private plane and Laura Sepul whos bare bumpers are a bouncin’ while getting banged in bed. The more, the Courier!