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The Contract

The Contract (2002)

Brief Nudity

Top Scene


Be careful what you wish for. That is the theme of the thriller The Contract (2002). After a long, frustrating day that included her boss being an ass to her, her husband checking out other women, her babysitter being a bitch, and her best friend treating her like crap, Anne goes to a bar to have a drink. There she meets a man who says he can solve her problems. She signs a contract to hire him and the next day her boss turns up dead. Suddenly Anne realizes she has put her family and friends in grave danger.

Anne is played by the buxom Camilla Overbye Roos who will put you in danger of dizziness as the blood rushes to your lower region when you catch a view of her round rump and great rack while she takes a shower. Shortly after we get a better view of Ms. Roos boobs when she is in bed with her mad riding him for all she is worth. Danielle Carin shows off her riding skills as well as the horny babysitter who decides to get some while on the job. As she hooks up on the couch her guy pulls down her jeans and exposes her tight, thong clad seat. Sadly, she is interrupted before we can see much more.

This contract is clearly filled with some great T&A clauses!