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The Number 23

The Number 23 (2007)

Brief Nudity

Top Scene


The Number 23 (2007) stars Jim Carrey as a dog catcher who gets caught up in a numerological mystery that ends up doing a number on his head. On his birthday, he finds his wife—perfect 10 Virginia Madsen—in a bookstore browsing through a novel called The Number 23. She buys it for him, and as he reads it he becomes increasingly captivated by its central theme: the strange connection of all events to the number 23. He begins to dream about the novel, seeing himself as its detective protagonist, and starts discovering the number 23 popping up everywhere in his life. Soon he's searching for information about the author (named Topsy Kretts) and the truth behind its tale, believing that The Number 23 might not be fiction at all. Ginny and their son try to help Jim out as he grows increasingly obsessed, all the while growing ever closer to the truth.