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The Con is On

The Con is On (2018)

Brief Nudity

Top Scene


A stacked cast leave subtlety at the door in the zany comic thriller The Con is On (2018)! In this mixed up caper, Uma Thurman is Harriet, a British gambling addict whose drunk of a husband, Peter (Tim Roth) ends up in serious debt to a big time gangster named Irina (Maggie Q). Suddenly, life across the pond seems like the one for the couple, so they flee to LA. While living at a fancy hotel thanks to faking a car accident with the valet, they think they've got a great way to make big money. Peter's ex-wife Jackie (Alice Eve) just got an enormous ring from her movie director husband (Crispin Glover), and since she's a dumb ditz, they can just steal it. They cook up a scheme involving a fake version of the ring, a dog groomer (Parker Posey), and an insatiable sex pot (Sofia Vergara)! But even if their plan goes off without a hitch, there's still a super pissed off and out for blood Irina, and she's one bad bitch! In fact, she's got a lesbian crush on Harriet, and isn't going to take no for an answer! Although critics weren't big fans, this is a wacky adventure we're sure you'll enjoy, thanks to it representing Uma Thurman's return to nudity! 21 minutes in, Uma lies naked on her stomach, showing some pressed cleavage. Then Maggie Q shows up behind her in lingerie and when Uma flips over, we get a great look at her amazing breasts! If Irina's into girl on girl, can't Uma use her set to pay off the debt? Forget the con and just get it on? In another great scene, Alice Eve reaches down and gives her boobs a boost, making sure her dress shows enough cleavage. And since she's in the movie, you might as well throw in Sofia Vergara jiggling her jugs in a low cut dress. Mr. Skin doesn't know about the con, but the hard is on!