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Blood on Satan's Claw

Blood on Satan's Claw (1971)

Great Nudity!

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There may be Blood on Satan’s Claw (1970) but they’ll also be spunk on your trunks after seeing the nude boobage in this British horror flick. Also known as Satan’s Skin, the eerie period piece is set in a 17th century English village where rural residents fall under the influence of a mysterious presence after a deformed skull pops up in a farmer’s plow. It isn’t long before the villagers begin to grow demonic appendages on their own bodies. Some just have their limbs hacked off, but others decide to experiment with their newly diabolical lifestyle — until a heroic swordsman (Patrick Wymark) finally rides into town to save the day. Fortunately, he arrives too late to stop the arousing Angel Blake (Linda Hayden) from trying to seduce Reverend Fallowfield (Anthony Ainley) as well as all of us viewers when she goes full frontal! In fact, we get to see the svelte stunner’s fluffy muff and perky peaks as she flashes her flesh just 39 minutes into the action. Suffice it to say, Linda puts the super naturals into this supernatural pic! Under the direction of Piers Haggard, the R rated chiller diller includes an uncredited coven member (Roberta Tovey), Rosalind Barton (Tamara Ustinov), Ellen (Charlotte Mitchell), Margaret (Michele Dotrice), Isobel Banham (Avice Landone), and the naked cans on Cathy Vespers (Wendy Padbury). In other words, the latter actress and Ms. Hayden add thrills to this thriller. Indeed, their bare breasts are so bewitching, Mr. Skin is scared stiff... in his britches!