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Ring of Darkness

Ring of Darkness (1979)

Great Nudity!


Daria (Lara Wendel) is a teenybopper who just might be turning evil thanks to her mom spending a night being a hoe for El Diablo in the Euro-horror excursion Ring of Darkness (1979). Also known as Satan's Wife, this Italian occult flick was just one of a whole gaggle of post The Exorcist (1973) movies about teen girls under the spell of Lucifer, though writer /director Peter Carpi swears it wasn't inspired by that monster hit. In this one, Darla's black-magic loving mom Carlotta (Anne Heywood) and her best buddies spent their teen years summoning the devil for some devilishly good D! One of those evil orgies resulted in Carlotta getting knocked up with Daria, but that was decades ago, so Carlotta thought it was no bid geal. Now, Daria's a teenager and starts acting more and more evil. Not just teen girl evil, but evil evil. More and more Carlotta comes to understand that the apple didn't fall far from the snake tempting humanity with the apple, tree. Unwilling to kill her own daughter off, Carlotta needs to figure out how to turn her daughter good, whether she needs an exorcist or something more magical to make that happen. We get looks at two naked hotties in this one, that have us wishing we were the prince of darkness if it meant getting to play with those dank tits! Carmen Russo is a naked dancer who's rack we see as she does a little jig. Unfortunately, her other parts are covered by the man who grabs her. Meanwhile, Anne Heywood shows her cans while lying in the bathtub. Those 666 worshipping girls were all about the sex, sex, sex, in Ring of Darkness!