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Transporter: The Series

Transporter: The Series (2012-2014)

Great Nudity!

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Big fan of the Transporter movies, are you? Then you'll be happy to hear that the saga continues in the French boob tube series Transporter: the Series. Kicking off in 2012 and lasting two seasons, this one featured all sorts of nudity if you were watching it on a non-American screen, while the goodies were cut from the TNT broadcasts back in the USA. Chris Vance takes over for Jason Statham as Frank Martin, the former Special Forces agent now working in the no-questions-asked world of black market goods. His deal is simple: he will deliver anything, anywhere, under any circumstances. His only three rules are that he never opens the package, he doesn't want to know any names, and once he delivers the goods, his job is done. Gigs Frank dealt with on the show included delivering an eco friendly motor under the duress of a hitman sent to steal it by a shady corporation, finding his package is a stolen heart and having to decide whether to give it back to its rightful recipient or finish the job, and stopping a terrorist attack he inadvertently helped by delivering a bomb to the baddies. Okay, so he doesn't follow his own rules all that often. But what really ruled about this show was the nonstop nudity! In the first episode alone, we get a topless scene from Delphine Chanéac as she goes skinny dipping in a lake, and T&A from the adorable brunette Moon Dailly and the waifish blonde Rachel Skarsten. That's a series of shots we know you enjoyed! Adding to the all hair color adventure is the ginger Emily Coutts, who shows her pink nipped perky pair in bed with a dude enjoying some champagne. Samantha Farrow flashes while putting on her bra, Klara Issova shows the mams while undressing, Elyse Levesque's tits make an appearance as she lies in bed with a fella, and more! This show sure delivered when it comes to amazing racks! We'd like to transport ourselves into bed with any of the women from Transporter: The Series!