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Dogs of Berlin

Dogs of Berlin (2018)

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Netflix's second original program ever, Dogs of Berlin (2018) is a one season lasting crime drama about a famous soccer star's murder. The best soccer player in Germany it ethnically Turkish, but opts to play for the German National Team instead of representing Turkey. With Turkey set to take on Germany in a World Cup Qualifier, he ends up dead, setting off a murder mystery that captures the attention of the entire nation. But before the nation learns who died, detective Kurt Grimmer (Felix Kramer) drains his, his Nazi brother (Sebastian Zimmler), and his girlfriend's (Anna Maria Mühe) bank accounts to put huge money on Turkey before the odds tumble. Joining him on the investigation is Detective Erol Birkan (Fahri Yadim), whose Turkish background makes him a huge asset. But Grimmer's a crooked cop with a racist family and a terrible gambling problem, that has him palling around with the grimiest dudes in the Berlin underworld, while Birkan's a strait-laced, by the books, brown skinned man of the law. Can this pairing really figure out Germany's crime of the century despite these differences or will they be too unlike each other to find out who killed the soccer star? Either way, The Dogs of Berlin seem really busy having sex with the dolls of Berlin. We get to admire Anna Maria Mühe's butt and boobs in a few different sex scenes that focus on her good parts. In the best one, we see her taking it doggy style from our detective, though she'll ride him on the couch a few episodes later. We even get to watch the woman playing Sabine flicking the bean in one wild scene! Keeping the coochie train rolling, the lovely Lena Schmidtke lays naked next to her man in bed. In another scene, she looks out a window topless to give Berlin a sweet view. Katharina Schüttler shows us her left boob when she runs to the bathroom to wash herself after getting peed on, and while we don't think Giannina Erfany-Far goes far enough, she does slip some nip during a post-sex conversation. Those sexy bitches will have you in heat watching Dogs of Berlin!